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  • Dolce venere

    Albana Romagna DOCG
    Sweet white wine

    A traditional white wine from Romagna, legend has it that the daughter of Emperor Theodosius I, Galla Placidia, loved this wine for its fruity scent and delicate, intense taste. During the harvest, at the end of October, the grape pickers personally select the riper grapes, to produce a high quality wine. The Albana di Romagna is filtered before the end of its fermentation, in order to preserve a high sugar concentration and prevent the loss of the tropical fruit scent that is typical of these grapes. The wine is then refined with the bâtonnage technique and left aging in wooden barrels. Its aromatic bouquet is intense and persistent, with fruity scents gently blending with honey and wildflower scents. This wine is ideal for the end of the meal and can be paired with fruit and desserts, especially pastries.

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  • Leggiadro

    Albana Romagna DOC
    Dry white wine

    This wine is exclusively made from Albana grapes from moderately loose-packed south-west facing soil of the hills around Bertinoro, as stated in the product specification. The vineyard is quite old and has a limited production, but the quality of its grapes is excellent. The bunch is loosely packed and average in length. The ripening is thoroughly controlled to ensure the grapes get the right balance between sugar concentration and acidity. The grapes are hand-picked and the harvest usually takes place after the first ten days of September. The wine making technique is a modern reinterpretation of traditional systems, with the introduction of current techniques like must chilling and inhibition of the must oxidation, in order to get and preserve very delicate primary aromas. The wine is preserved in small stainless steel tanks until the following Spring, when it is bottled. This is a quality dry white wine, straw-yellow in color; the scent is pleasant and intense, with a persistent ripe fruit and acacia blossom hint. The taste is warm and strong, with a pleasant tannic note denoting the character of the wine. It should be served at a temperature of 12 – 14 °C in medium size glasses, and is recommended paired with starters, traditional homemade pasta from Romagna like passatelli and cappelletti in broth, as well as delicate white meat, fish and semi aged cheese.

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  • Olimpia

    Albana Romagna DOCG
    White straw wine

    This straw wine, made from Albana grapes, is the highest expression of a grape that has been making history in Romagna for almost one thousand years. The grapes are hand-picked from the sunniest slopes in the Bertinoro hills and left to dry on rush matting for about 90 days. The grapes are then crushed with a hand-operated press. Contrary to other straw wines, Olimpia is fermented in ancient Tuscan half-barriques (caratelli), containing around 100 liters, that give the wine a warmer taste and highlight its scent as well as its sweet and dry after-taste. This wine is perfectly paired with biscuits and desserts, as well as aged cheese.

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