White wines

  • Aurora

    Sparkling dry white wine

    Made from early Chardonnay grapes, harvested at the end of August in order to preserve the freshness and aromatic intensity of the wine. The wine-making technique is very gentle, as it is aimed at producing a particularly clean must. Primary fermentation takes place in small stainless steel tanks, allowing the wine-making process to be carried out at quite low temperatures. This specific technique gives a very fresh and delicate wine, ideal for the subsequent production of quality sparkling wine. To this end, after primary fermentation there is a brief pause in the process to facilitate the clarification of wine. Following this phase, the wine goes through second fermentation and is then bottled, becoming available on the market as early as the month of January following its harvest. Aurora is a natural quality sparkling wine, light straw-yellow in color with greenish hints, with a fine and quite persistent perlage. The scent is fresh and fragrant, lightly fruity with a hint of apple. The taste is slightly sour and dry, but also harmonious and pleasant.
  • Canestrino

    Trebbiano Rubicone IGP
    White wine

    Made from Trebbiano grapes with a small addition of Malvasia di Candia grapes. These two grapes together make for a fresh and enjoyable wine, pleasantly harmonious and ideal for daily consumption. Canestrino is a finely fresh and pleasantly mineral white wine.
  • Dolce venere

    Albana Romagna DOCG
    Sweet white wine

    A traditional white wine from Romagna, legend has it that the daughter of Emperor Theodosius I, Galla Placidia, loved this wine for its fruity scent and delicate, intense taste. During the harvest, at the end of October, the grape pickers personally select the riper grapes, to produce a high quality wine. The Albana di Romagna is filtered before the end of its fermentation, in order to preserve a high sugar concentration and prevent the loss of the tropical fruit scent that is typical of these grapes. The wine is then refined with the bâtonnage technique and left aging in wooden barrels. Its aromatic bouquet is intense and persistent, with fruity scents gently blending with honey and wildflower scents. This wine is ideal for the end of the meal and can be paired with fruit and desserts, especially pastries.

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  • Il mio bianco

    Pignoletto and Sauvignon
    Dry white wine

    Made from two white grape varieties, Pignoletto and Sauvignon, from moderately loose-packed north-east facing soil of the hills around Forlì. The ripening and productive balance reached by the grape in the vineyard are critical in order to obtain a quality product, with the right characteristics to produce a superior quality wine, with enjoyable organoleptic properties. Grapes are harvested around mid-September, and the ripening levels are closely monitored. The wine-making process is aimed at producing a modern wine with a strong character; the grapes are treated with the utmost care from the moment they enter the cellar, through technologies that protect them from oxidation and highlight their varietal and aromatic characteristics. The wine is preserved in small stainless steel tanks until the following Spring, when it is bottled. This is a quality white wine, light straw-yellow in color with greenish hints. The scent is pleasant, with marked floral and fruity hint, reminiscent of peach and sage. The aroma is fresh and fragrant, persistent and harmonious. The taste is warm and soft, and the good saline balance is an invitation to savoring. It should be served at a temperature of 10 – 12 °C in medium size glasses, and is recommended as an aperitif or paired with starters, light seafood first courses, as well as delicate white meat and steamed or salt fish.
  • Leggiadro

    Albana Romagna DOC
    Dry white wine

    This wine is exclusively made from Albana grapes from moderately loose-packed south-west facing soil of the hills around Bertinoro, as stated in the product specification. The vineyard is quite old and has a limited production, but the quality of its grapes is excellent. The bunch is loosely packed and average in length. The ripening is thoroughly controlled to ensure the grapes get the right balance between sugar concentration and acidity. The grapes are hand-picked and the harvest usually takes place after the first ten days of September. The wine making technique is a modern reinterpretation of traditional systems, with the introduction of current techniques like must chilling and inhibition of the must oxidation, in order to get and preserve very delicate primary aromas. The wine is preserved in small stainless steel tanks until the following Spring, when it is bottled. This is a quality dry white wine, straw-yellow in color; the scent is pleasant and intense, with a persistent ripe fruit and acacia blossom hint. The taste is warm and strong, with a pleasant tannic note denoting the character of the wine. It should be served at a temperature of 12 – 14 °C in medium size glasses, and is recommended paired with starters, traditional homemade pasta from Romagna like passatelli and cappelletti in broth, as well as delicate white meat, fish and semi aged cheese.
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  • Olimpia

    Albana Romagna DOCG
    White straw wine

    This straw wine, made from Albana grapes, is the highest expression of a grape that has been making history in Romagna for almost one thousand years. The grapes are hand-picked from the sunniest slopes in the Bertinoro hills and left to dry on rush matting for about 90 days. The grapes are then crushed with a hand-operated press. Contrary to other straw wines, Olimpia is fermented in ancient Tuscan half-barriques (caratelli), containing around 100 liters, that give the wine a warmer taste and highlight its scent as well as its sweet and dry after-taste. This wine is perfectly paired with biscuits and desserts, as well as aged cheese.
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  • Pignoletto

    Pignoletto DOC
    Sparkling white wine

    This sparkling Pignoletto is made from its namesake grapes. It is a very fresh wine, slightly mineral with an orange note and grapefruit and apricot hints. To be consumed young, at a temperature of 5/6 °C and to be paired with spring and summer dishes, especially fish meals.
  • Prima alba

    white sparkling

    Charmat method (the same of Prosecco) From a blend of Pinot and Sauvignon Blanc grown on the chalky hills surrounding Brisighella (Ravenna)
  • Vigna le case

    Trebbiano Romagna DOC
    Dry white wine

    This wine comes from the “Le Case” farm, on south-east facing vineyards historically allocated to the cultivation of Trebbiano di Romagna. The grapes are harvested in September and fermented in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature. Trebbiano di Romagna is a simple wine that expresses the light heartedness of the land it comes from. This wine is fit for every occasion, although it is ideally paired with white meat and light dishes.
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  • Gli stridoli

    Pagadebit Romagna DOC
    Sparkling white wine

    “Gli Stridoli – Frizzante” is the sparkling version of one of the most famous and traditional white wines in Romagna, a lively and enjoyable wine. The process of second fermentation gives this wine a flower and yeast scent, making it a young and fresh wine, the ideal choice for a toast and a casual meeting.

Red wines

  • Cagnina

    Cagnina dolce
    Red wine

    Traditional Red Wine of Romagna, Cagnina usually is consumed sweet with dry desserts housemade and cookies, or with the chestnuts cooked on the live coal. Yielded Wine, Cagnina is a light wine, easy to drink, appreciated from the women and all people that don’t drink usually.
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  • Canestrino

    Sangiovese Rubicone IGP
    Red wine

    A wine made from average maturation Sangiovese grapes that create a fresh and flowery wine with average structure, soft and rounded taste, pleasantly harmonious and vivid red in color, with purple hints. To be consumed young, is ideally paired with traditional homemade pasta from Romagna and cured meat or cheese together with piadina. A wine for daily consumption that gives its best within 18 months of the grape harvest.
  • Pideura

    Sangiovese Colli di Faenza DOCG
    Red wine

    Pideura, a red wine with a vivid and intense color, comes from young, high-density and low yield per hectare vineyards. The grapes are harvested at the end of September and fermented in stainless steel tanks. This wine results from 1 year aging in oak and stainless steel barrels (70% + 30%). Pideura is a strong Sangiovese, just like the region it comes from. Its ripe fruit scent, its structure and body, together with its vitality and pleasantness to the taste, make for the perfect wine for daily meal consumption or every kind of meeting.
  • Vigna le case

    Sangiovese Superiore DOC
    Red wine

    These grapes come from the mainly clay soil of the hills around Brisighella, located at 150 meters of altitude and facing south-west. The high quality grapes that produce this wine, hand-picked at the end of September, are cultivated with the utmost care and carefully selected in the vineyard, always respecting the productive balance. The wine making process is carried out in small stainless steel barrels, where the fermentation process is best managed and gives the best expression of quality. The wine is preserved until the following Spring in concrete tanks, where it is better isolated from external agents. The wine is bottled in mid-Spring and available in May. It reaches its best expression at the end of the Summer, when the maturation inside the bottle gives the best organoleptic balance. The Sangiovese di Romagna Superiore is a quality wine, with a vivid ruby color. The scent is pleasant, enjoyable, fragrant, persistent and elegant, typical of the best Sangiovese, with flowery and red fruit hints. The taste is pleasantly harmonious, with sweet tannins that create a full, soft and persistent sensation. To be served at 18 °C in big glasses; thanks to its delicacy and harmony, this wine can be paired to many types of food, although it is traditionally paired with homemade pasta from Romagna, grilled red meat, cured meat and cheese.
  • Torricello

    Sangiovese Superiore Riserva DOC
    Red wine

    This wine takes its name from the farm where it is produced. The altitude and peculiar features of the vineyard where the grapes are cultivated give this wine unique organoleptic properties and the typical character of the great red wines. It is fermented in stainless steel tanks, where the malolactic fermentation also takes place. The Torricello is left to age in oak barrels for at least 12 months, and it is bottled around 18 months after the harvest. The Torricello is an expression of the love for enology of its producer, an elegant wine where the red fruit and spicy fragrances (mainly pepper and cinnamon) gently blend with the aromas given by the aging in wood barrels, creating an intense and fascinating aroma. The body and structure of this wine make for an excellent vin de garde, to be paired with meat, especially game meat.

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