Il mio bianco

Pignoletto and Sauvignon
Dry white wine

Made from two white grape varieties, Pignoletto and Sauvignon, from moderately loose-packed north-east facing soil of the hills around Forlì.

The ripening and productive balance reached by the grape in the vineyard are critical in order to obtain a quality product, with the right characteristics to produce a superior quality wine, with enjoyable organoleptic properties. Grapes are harvested around mid-September, and the ripening levels are closely monitored. The wine-making process is aimed at producing a modern wine with a strong character; the grapes are treated with the utmost care from the moment they enter the cellar, through technologies that protect them from oxidation and highlight their varietal and aromatic characteristics. The wine is preserved in small stainless steel tanks until the following Spring, when it is bottled. This is a quality white wine, light straw-yellow in color with greenish hints. The scent is pleasant, with marked floral and fruity hint, reminiscent of peach and sage. The aroma is fresh and fragrant, persistent and harmonious. The taste is warm and soft, and the good saline balance is an invitation to savoring. It should be served at a temperature of 10 – 12 °C in medium size glasses, and is recommended as an aperitif or paired with starters, light seafood first courses, as well as delicate white meat and steamed or salt fish.


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